HIPAA Compliance at Gritsa Technologies

We use various measures to enforce HIPAA compliance at our organization. The measures implemented can be divided into four types:

  1. Process Based Measures
  2. Technical Measures
  3. Training Measures
  4. Legal Measures

Process Based Measures

Some of the major issues related to HIPAA are solved if the accidental violator of compliance is taken care of. Most accidental issues take place due to an employee not being actively aware of the eventual repercussions of their actions. We minimize this by having as many set processes as we can for most of the day to day regular tasks. When you make maximum tasks process driven, it by itself curbs a lot of gaps.


Technical Measures

We deploy state of art technical solutions to ensure protection of PHI and safety of proprietary intellectual property. Every developer machine has a logging system in place that records randomly timed screenshots and also logs active hours spent on work ensuring we have a trace in case of a breach. Similarly we use Google’s authentication within our organization and deploy Google’s file storage solution so that all documents, communication and proprietary information can be controlled via a central location. This reduces are dependency on technical audits for auth security which is handled by a third party like Google. Since it is on cloud, we don’t need on premise security checks.


Training Measures

The biggest gap that exists with a lot of other standard software development organizations is that they have no domain or industry specific training. Alongside having industry specific training, we also provide regular training on HIPAA and PHI safety to ensure all members of the team are up to date with the set policies and standard procedures for maintaining HIPAA compliance.


Legal Measures

We enforce a Policy Infrastructure that is very focused on HIPAA and PHI across the board, whether the developer is working on a Healthcare related product or not. This eliminates gaps and crevices in Legal coverage and ensures that all members are covered and clients are protected. We also subscribe to the right GL Insurance to cover the organization. You can trust us for being a reliable and trustworthy party in your endeavor.